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Web sites that list resources in mathematics and that link to

  • The Maths Internet Guide "Over 400 free quality websites carefully chosen for their interactivity and grouped into five search categories. Ideal for individual learning, homework, demonstrations or explorations." (enter the site and click on the category "Topics Only" for link to
  • Internet4Classrooms "Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively" (click "Links for K-12 Teachers" > "Math Topics" (and then also "General Math" and "Secondary") for links to
  • Karl's Calculus Tutor "A place for a 1st year calculus student to come when he or she needs a helping hand" (click "Cool Math Links" for link to
  • Cool Math Sites page of Mrs. Heal's Homepage (the web pages of a teacher in the Kent County (Maryland) Public School system).
  • Homeschool Math, a comprehensive math resource designed for homeschooling parents and teachers (Click on "Math help" in the "Online Math Resources" section on the right side of the page for link to

(If your site links to, please send email to comments[at]mathmistakes[dot]info with the URL of the linking page to get added to the list above.)

Web sites that discuss trigonometry:

Web sites that provide general information on algebra, trigonometry, calculus and other areas of mathematics:

Web sites that specifically discuss algebra mistakes/errors:

If you want more help than you can find on or on other web sites, one source of more information is in good old fashioned books.

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